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Top 5 Myths about AARP

  • Myth 1: AARP has 35,000,000 members AARP often claims to have 35 million members on its website. However, there is no concrete evidence to prove this. If you do the math, this is in fact an inflated claim!
  • Myth 2: AARP is an expanding, thriving coalition of seniors. AARP wants you to believe that it is an ever-growing force and that its chapters are active. In reality, an AARP Florida chapter president whose chapter lost 60% of its members admitted, "a lot of the organizations are falling by the wayside."
  • Myth 3: AARP represents the interests of its members. In 2005, AARP supported legislation that would allow for prescription drugs to be imported from countries outside the US. However a survey of AARP members found that 83% - 4 out of every 5 - opposed AARPís position!
  • Myth 4: AARP represents the unified interest of seniors. In reality, over half of AARPís members are below the retirement age of 65! According to 60 Minutes, younger members "donít always see eye to eye with older members, making it difficult for AARP to represent both generations."
  • Myth 5: AARP wants fairness for young people in Social Security reform. Even though Personal Retirement Accounts are the best method to develop a secure, fair Social Security system that will be guaranteed for years to come, AARP continues to categorically oppose any reform option that includes them.