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How Personal Retirement Accounts Secure Your Income

Senior citizens would not be harmed if younger generations opened personal retirement accounts. In fact, all generations would benefit--even those in or near retirement.

  • Personal retirement accounts will not cut your benefits.
  • Personal retirement accounts will not weaken the current system.
  • Personal retirement accounts benefit you by helping the U.S. economy grow.

Personal accounts will secure your retirement income because they would not affect your benefits. Policymakers know you worked hard to earn the benefits you are receiving, and there is not a single plan for personal accounts that calls for a change in the benefits of current retirees. Your benefits (and your grandchildren's benefits) would be secure with personal accounts.

Personal accounts would supplement the current system by providing younger generations with an additional means to save for retirement. Young people would get to save a portion of their social security taxes now in order to build up a retirement nest egg. This improves, not weakens, Social Security by reducing the degree to which young workers will have to rely on the current system later in life.

Personal accounts are good for retirees and workers alike because they strengthen the economy. With a personal account, workers will invest a portion of their earnings in the U.S. economy. These investments will help increase GDP and boost growth in order to make society more productive and raise the standard of living for all Americans. Supporting personal accounts will help everyone by making a better economy and a better America.

With the support of all generations, personal accounts would secure your benefits and secure the future. Sign up as a supporter of Students for Saving Social Security, and join us in the fight for Personal Retirement Accounts today!







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