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this rockstar activist (aka- brendan steinhauser) from freedomworks is always helping the cause for reform...his shirt reads "personal accounts fix social security!"
getting things set up, paused for a group photo op
not gonna lie, S4 spent a fair amount of $$ to provide this yummy food...straight from the senate cafeteria. as much as our country is NOT about monopolies, that senate cafeteria can really LOCK things down!!
Patrick with Senator DeMint
Senator DeMint (R-SC) speaking
Packed room again
All of our FANTASTIC speakers!
Carrie Lucas of IWF speaking
Jo with Dirk and Jade
Room was PACKED!
Congressman Kolbe (R-AZ)
All 300 people filled the room
the man behind much of the fact- you prob can find some hot clips from THIS event on our website too!
lots of prep work into the social security event on the hill...e-mailing invites, faxing invites and - as you can see from the expressions of some of our S4 rockstars- HAND DELIVERING invites.


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