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SS 101: Social Security Reform: An Issue for Young Americans

Do you know where your retirement benefits will come from? If you answered the Social Security system, think again.

Social Security is in a political and financial crisis because it is not protected by the principles of ownership and choice. You have no rights to the tax dollars you are paying into the system. You have no control over your own retirement savings. The current system cannot even afford to pay us the benefits we have been promised. To mend the broken promises made by the current system, S4 supports giving our generation the choice to create personal retirement accounts.

The principles of ownership and choice are bedrock values of American society, but the current Social Security system excludes young Americans from the opportunity to own our income and even our future. By giving us control of our retirement money, we would regain control of our lives. With personal accounts we would manage our own retirement account, choose how to invest for our future, and create wealth for larger benefits down the road.

Retirement may be a long way away, but to secure our future, the time for personal accounts is now!

    The Basics
SS 101: An Issue for Young Americans
SS 102: The Financial Crisis
SS 103: The Solution through Personal Retirement Accounts
Core Classes
SS 200: SS and Young People
SS 210: SS and Minorities
SS 220: SS and Women
SS 230: SS and Low-Income Earners
SS 240: Personal Accounts and Disability Insurance
Junior Electives
SS 300: The Theory of Ownership
SS 310: The Theory of Choice
SS 350: The Theory of Social Insurance
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The PRA Calculator
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