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Students for Saving Social Security (S4) is a nonpartisan organization that educates and mobilizes young Americans on the coming crisis in Social Security. We advocate the following on college campuses across the country:

Allowing younger workers the option to save at least 4 percent of their payroll taxes in a personal account.

According to the Social Security Trustees, today's young workers can expect no more than 75 percent of promised benefits. Young people should have a choice: those who want to remain in the current system can do so, while those who want to dedicate a portion of their contributions to a personal account should have that option. If structured properly, personal accounts would provide a generationally equitable solution to make up for the expected benefit cuts that likely lie ahead.

Other benefits of giving workers the right to control some of their own retirement money include increased national savings and financial literacy as well as the widespread accrual of inheritable wealth. Personal accounts would give workers the right of property to a portion of their Social Security benefits, a right which the Supreme Court has ruled does not extend to taxes paid under the current system.

No further payroll tax increases.

Social Security began with a modest 1 percent tax on workers and employers. The program now takes 1 of every 8 dollars workers earn, making payroll taxes the largest tax paid by most Americans. The necessary Social Security reform that lies ahead should rule out this costly and ineffective method of addressing unfunded liabilities.

Saving the Social Security surplus through Congressional action.

Social Security currently takes in more money than it needs to pay benefits. Unfortunately, Congress spends the surplus that should be used to fund future Social Security benefits. Legislative protection of the Social Security trust fund will help restore fiscal accountability and budget transparency while acting as a defense against proposed payroll tax increases designed to enable government overspending.

Since our inception in 2005, S4 has been featured by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, C-SPAN and other major news outlets throughout the country. We now have over 11,000 members and chapters in every state.

S4 is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that relies upon private donations in order to educate and mobilize today's young people. If you are interested in supporting our efforts, please click here.

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