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Secure Our Future 2008 Candidate Web site

Welcome to the Secure Our Future 2008 presidential candidate Web site.

As you likely know, Social Security faces exceptional funding challenges in the near future. The first cohort of baby boomers is set to retire in 2008, placing a strain upon the system that will lead to a Social Security deficit in just 10 years.

In recognition of this prediction and other problems forecast by the Social Security Administration, calls for reform have gone up from citizens young and old. Furthermore, the current president, Treasury secretary, and Federal Reserve Board chairman have all warned of the financial problems that lie ahead within the program, each of them noting that the sooner we reform Social Security, the better.

Not everyone agrees with this approach, however, and we can take as evidence the wide range of opinions among 2008 presidential candidates. Students for Saving Social Security has spoken with the campaign of every front-running candidate on this issue, and you can view their recorded statements and interviews herein. We have also compiled historical records to bring greater definition to each candidate's position on reform.

We hope that you find our site informative, and we also hope that you will become involved in making retirement security a top issue in the next presidential election. Toward this end, please take some time and check out all of the sections on our site. We have a calendar of upcoming events, a link to voter registration, printable flyers, and plenty of other information about how to get involved. If there is something you are curious about and don't see here, email us:

The time to reform Social Security is now. We hope that you join us in the fight.

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