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Home > Gallery > the ostrich and i travelled to cali!
we went to venice beach, where i had an opportunity to literlly tell Congress to get its head out of the sand!
the ostrich especially loved how there was drum circles all along the beach...many opportunities to ROCK out while distributing pro-PRA flyers.
i was pumped. nothing beats driving 2100 miles by yourself...ok ok the ostrich was there too, so it wasn't so bad. we really can rock out to the tunes...our personal fav: my humps, by black eyed peas. (i change it around - "my humps, my lovely ost
These two rockstars DROVE UP from San Diego - approx. 2 hours away - to help at the convention!! Matt and Christian=AWESOME! can i just add- the finished their finals the DAY before and had to start summer school classes on Monday- basically- they spent
i knew i was gonna pass a LOT of people...esp in the CrAzY LA traffic. i figure- if people are gonna be bumper to bumper w/ my on the 405, they might as well see who's website is ROCKIN (i.e.- OURS- must say- got a lot of looks w/ a
every ostrich needs a water break- esp after talking so much about social security reform. luckily the peeps out in cali were very nice to us and willing to share their beverages!
venice beach is home to, umm, lots of randomness, including growling dogs sporting sunglasses. needless to say, the dog eventually stopped growling at the ostrich and agreed that social security needs some reforming and having control and ownership via a


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