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booth in exhibit hall...we handed out kisses, telling people that Congress should fix social security so we dont have to "kiss" our retirement benefits goodbye!
Jim Martin, of 60plus and Chaz at the chic fil a event
S4 hosted a free Chic-Fil-A event so students could gather and eat good food and talk about PRA's and how amazing it would be to have one!
Pat Boone stopped by our booth several times...can't get enough of S4 i guess!
taking supplies over to the exhibit hall...we def loaded Ryan's car up!
these students at our chic fil a event, want ss reform!
Ryan Lynch, sporting the S4 screw t-shirt, and Evan Dent, sporting the S4 Kiss costume
Signing our "Count Us In" petition, b/c we want Congress to count us in and leave personal accounts in the budget!! DO IT!!!!!
more chic fil a action
picking up supplies for CPAC


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