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one libertarian's reaction to the fact that our generation can expect to pay 84k more into social security than we can ever hope to get out.
people loved the ostrich, even though, as you might be able to guess from this pic, it was starting to act up - our table wasn't in the best location possible so the ostrich would try to draw attention to itself by being rather rambunctious/obnoxious (i.e
another example of our winning logo (i had a contest and our shirt won)
another picture of the ever popular "free snickers" game. actually you wouldn't believe how many people were like- "umm, we're in oregon- shouldnt you be giving out granola bars??"
the official S4 table - screws were sent, balls were thrown, snickers were won and yeah - bumper stickers were distrubuted.
paul gessing- first contestant for the "free snickers" game. i got it on video too, so def check that one out...
people love sending their senator's screws


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