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Suffolk University Law Professor Charles Rounds gave a passionate speech about the legal structure of the current system. He explained how Flemming v. Nestor stripped away an individual's property rights to his Social Security taxes and benefits. He als
Max Pappas and moderator Nicola Moore listened as Professors Kotlikoff and Rounds discussed reform proposals. Max Pappas later chimed in with political analysis about the topic the other panelists were debating.
FreedomWorks Policy Director Max Pappas gave a dynamic speech about the political side of Social Security reform. He explained the underpinnings of the current system and the importance reform through ownership of personal accounts.
The interdisciplinary panel was a unique opportunity to hear from an economist, lawyer, and policy analyst about all of the different dimensions that are crucial to Social Security reform.
Economics Professor Larry Kotlikoff and Law Professor Charles Rounds had dynamic conversation about the policy reform plan Prof. Kotlikoff proposed during his speech. Prof. Rounds even gave a copy of one of his papers on the legal and regulatory structur
These S4 members travelled all the way from Smith College (two hours from Boston University) just to attend the panel. Those smiles make it look like the trip was definitely worthwhile!


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