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What will the next president do about Social Security?
May 02nd 03:34:22 PM

Many of the candidates have been vague so far about their views on Social Security reform, but that may change Thursday night during the first Republican primary debate. We hope that tomorrow's debate gives candidates a chance to make a commitment to change, such as this one from Sen. John McCain:

"No government program is the object of more political posturing than Social Security and Medicare. Here's the plain truth: there are too few workers supporting too many retirees, and if we don't make some tough choices today, Social Security and Medicare will go bankrupt or we'll have to raise taxes so drastically we'll crush the prosperity of average Americans. Too many politicians want to ignore the problem, and run for re-election by threatening anyone who wants to fix it. That's not good enough for America. And when I'm President, it won't be good enough for me."

Other candidates such as Sen. Sam Brownback and former Sen. Fred Thompson have gone beyond recognizing the problem and have made explicit reference to personal accounts. The rest of tomorrow's candidates would likewise do well to offer a specific solution in the event a Social Security question is posed.

Be sure to tune in to hear how the next president will fix Social Security!

Posted by Ryan Lynch


Social Security is the number one issue facing young Americans today that can be solved. It is my hope that our next presidential leadership will step up to the plate and hit a home run.

Posted by Jo Jensen on May 05th 01:30:07 AM


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