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The Tragedy of the Comedy or the Comedy of the Tragedy?
December 18th 02:33:26 PM

Sometimes we get curious and check out what the groups of non-reformers are up to.  One such group is Americans United to Protect Social Security, which certainly sounds like a noble collection of people.  In fact, their logo reflects this attitude of American workers banding together to support Social Security:

It's a pretty neat logo.  If you look at it a certain way, you might think that these are four people applauding a comedy or tragedy in an otherwise empty theater.  There appear to be two women and two men, and you'll note that despite no black or white people, there's a pretty good variety of pigmentation.  You'll also see that the green one has a head tilt resembling that of Sen. Hillary Clinton. 

But what is most notable is that there are four people.  Four people are holding up the Social Security card and the goals of Americans United.  And this is a little odd,  because the Social Security system has only three workers per retiree.  This means that, if we're going to be accurate, we should really cut the purple woman out of the group (or any one of the others, if you prefer).

But there is something else to consider.  In 2040, there will be only two workers per retiree.  Which means that, if we're going to be accurate about the long-term picture, we should not include the blue guy, either.  It's going to be just Samson the brown man and Hillary the green woman in thirty years.  And frankly, I think that makes the outlook for Social Security pretty bleak.

Posted by Ryan Lynch


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