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Clinton flat wrong on Social Security figure
October 30th 11:38:20 PM

From Fox News:

Hillary Clinton says that when her husband left office – Social Security was projected to be solvent until the year 2055. She contends that now – solvency is predicted to end in 2041 – a loss of 14 years – because of what she calls "fiscal irresponsibility" by the Bush administration.

But the Social Security Administration says that its official statistics at the end of 2000 put the solvency year at 2037 – not 2055. It says that the current figure is – as Mrs. Clinton states – 2041. But instead of it being a 14 year loss – it is actually a four year gain.

FOX News asked the Clinton campaign repeatedly Monday and today to provide the source for that claim that the projection was 2055 when Bill Clinton left office – but so far we have received no response.

Posted by Jo Jensen


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