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Republican Candidates Back Personal Accounts
October 22nd 01:20:04 PM

From our press release:

Washingon, D.C. - Students for Saving Social Security (S4), the nation's largest youth organization dedicated to Social Security reform, extends its gratitude today to the presidential candidates who clearly supported personal retirement accounts during Sunday evening's Fox News Republican debate.

"I think the reality is that we have to deal with Social Security," said Mayor Rudy Giuliani. "The first thing we have to do is get a consensus behind private accounts if we're going to change it," he continued, earning applause from the Orlando audience.

Giuliani's remarks also found support among his fellow candidates. Governor Romney endorsed the concept that we use the "surplus money that's being gathered now in Social Security and put that into private accounts," while Governor Huckabee stressed the individual empowerment offered by real savings that are protected from Congressional borrowing. Senator McCain also weighed in favorably on personal accounts after explaining: "We've got to fix it for the future generations of America. Don't we owe that to young Americans today?"

Posted by Ryan Lynch


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