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S4 at Rivier College!
November 11th 02:39:45 AM

Check out the pics from our event @ Rivier College last week...

These Social Security ROCKSTARS @ Rivier College spent all day Wednesday spreading the word to fellow students about the need for Social Security reform.  Students on their lunch breaks were encouraged to play the "Free Snickers Game!" which is a rather deceptive game that teaches the unfairness of our current system of Social Security. 

Then, if they agreed that it's messed up we are forced to pay into a failing system, students could make their voices heard by sending a Screw Petition to a senator or presidential candidate, telling the politicians that we are getting "Screwed!" by Social Security.

The student response was great.  Everyone agreed this is an important issue for our generation.  The next time a presidential candidate comes to Rivier College, the students will be prepared to force him or her to outline a plan addressing the problems facing Social Security! BOOYAH!

Posted by Evan Dent


Gov. Bill Richardson is coming to Rivier tomorrow, and as President of the Rivier College Republicans and S4 Rockstar, I will ask him to fix Social Security. I'll even wear my sweet green t-shirt!

Posted by Geoff Burch on November 19th 09:47:13 PM


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