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Dreams for Barack: A Story of Inheritable Wealth
May 14th 05:31:26 PM

Politico had an interesting commentary Friday on the inclusion of economist Jeffrey Liebman among Sen. Barack Obama's campaign brain trust.  Liebman was one of the contributors to the nonpartisan LMS plan (so named for authors Liebman, Maya MacGuineas, and Andrew Samwick), a Social Security reform proposal that recommended personal retirement accounts.

What, Politico wants to know, does this mean for Obama?  Is he going to embrace personal accounts as part of a reform package?  The short answer is that we don't really know, though an aide to the senator did respond to the article with an anti-privatization excerpt from Obama's book.

Still, you have to wonder if Obama will slowly move toward a creative compromise on the issue, as it would be rather audacious to suggest that what young people really want are higher taxes and lower benefits.   

Posted by Ryan Lynch


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