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'Missing' Posters at Keene State College
November 06th 06:22:49 PM

As all of us Social Security reform lovers have begun to notice that Senator Clinton continually refuses to talk about her stance on the issue, we decided to put her on our "Missing Persons" list.  Because she is headed to the southwestern part of New Hampshire later this week, we decided to inform students in that region of her apparent lack of concern for our generation.

Students at Keene State College were surprised to learn that the senator is missing...on the issue of Social Security reform.  Many expressed concern that she is silent on such an important issue for our generation. 

Let's hope we can make the senator see how important our generation's retirement security is and begin to talk more openly about solutions...this for sure would take her off the "missing" list and give her more of a chance to reach the "rockstar" list!

Posted by Evan Dent


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