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What Would Hillary Do?
January 23rd 01:17:00 AM

Here is John Edwards in Monday night's South Carolina debate:

...both Senator Obama and I have said Social Security needs a solution. And we have said we won't privatize, we won't cut benefits, we won't raise the retirement age. Same thing that Hillary has said.

But she has proposed nothing about how we're going to create revenue to keep Social Security alive and talked about fiscal responsibility.

Not only has Clinton failed to provide leadership on Social Security, but she has also begun criticizing the reforms put forward by other candidates.  In Nevada, for example, the Clinton campaign sent out a mailer that attacked the Obama and Edwards position of meeting the Social Security shortfall by raising the payroll tax cap.  Clinton's attack was right in that a payroll tax increase would hurt middle class families, but the trick here was that Clinton might support that exact same tax hike.  Or at least she told a voter in Iowa that she might.  Since that off-the-record Iowa comment, Clinton has not offered any clear views.

Perhaps Senator Clinton should take the advice that her husband gave Democrats back in 2002, when he said, in reference to Social Security reform: "You can't just attack the other guy's ideas unless you have something to say."  What happened to that logic?

The truth is, nobody seems to have a clue what Hillary Clinton's plan is for helping our generation get back the money we are paying in. 

As Edwards sums it up: "I've heard her answer the question 30 times. I have no idea what she would do."

Posted by Ryan Lynch


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