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Serious Social Security reform is in the hands of New Hampshire's primary voters
July 25th 08:23:25 AM

The Union Leader has an article today by former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey saying that "If primary voters demand action on entitlements, politicians will respond." 

Armey sites a survey conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, saying that "the McLaughlin survey makes it clear that voters want entitlement reform to be a major part of the national conversation during the 2008 presidential campaign."

Most importantly, Armey explains that "voters are not afraid of change, with seven in 10 approving of  'changing our current retirement system so that their payroll taxes are placed in a secure account that they own and control.'"

Armey's piece also acknowledges the work that Students for Saving Social Security did in New Hampshire talking with Giuliani, McCain and Romney about personal retirement accounts.

Posted by Jo Jensen


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