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The Ostrich Girl
June 11th 01:46:35 PM

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Birds are people, too: Top GOP contenders John McCain and Rudy Giuliani appear to have different dress codes for campaign events. We can say this with scientific certainty, thanks to something we'll call the Ostrich Test.

A group called Students for Saving Social Security sent a woman in an ostrich costume to a McCain event Tuesday and a Giuliani event Wednesday. The group, which supports personal retirement accounts, says it's asking politicians to get their heads out of the sand on Social Security.

The McCain campaign admitted Ostrich Girl. The Giuliani campaign turned Ostrich Girl away.

"I was asked not to come in . . . there's really no way to search this guy (meaning the Ostrich costume)," said Megan Ritter, a 21-year-old college student. She said she understood "perfectly."

Posted by Ryan Lynch


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