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Happy Thanksgiving
November 21st 06:26:32 PM

After reading the Washington Post today, I was going to give thanks to columnist Ruth Marcus for making Paul Krugman look silly. But James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal beat me to it. Here, with thanks to WSJ, is Taranto's expression of gratitude:

Today Post columnist Ruth Marcus devastates Times columnist adviser Paul Krugman, whom she actually mentions by name. Marcus notes a Krugman column from last week in which the former Enron adviser pooh-poohs concerns about the solvency of Social Security.

"Somebody should introduce Paul Krugman to . . . Paul Krugman," she writes, citing a series of old Krugman columns in which he sounded alarms about the solvency of Social Security. The best one is from a book review that appeared in the Times in 1996, before Krugman was a columnist. He wrote:

Responsible adults are supposed to plan more than seven years ahead. Yet if you think even briefly about what the Federal budget will look like in 20 years, you immediately realize that we are drifting inexorably toward crisis; if you think 30 years ahead, you wonder whether the Republic can be saved.

Posted by Ryan Lynch


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