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S4 blogs from the Fox News GOP Debate
September 05th 09:10:21 PM

Tonight is the "First in the Fall" Presidential Debate...and S4 is taking part in a huge way!!

Not only did we have a booth at the Pre-debate reception, a flyer in each baggie that debate attendees received and a full page ad in the debate program, but we ALSO had 150 students in S4 t-shirts in the audience. We're hoping the candidates on stage notice the bright neon-lime green t-shirts that say "New Hampshire cares about Social Security" while they are standing behind those lovely little podiums. We are ALSO hoping they talk about Social Security!

At yesterday's "Take a Slice" event at the University of New Hampshire, Senator Sam Brownback told us he wants to talk about Social Security reform during tonight's debate. We applaud the Senator's solid stance on reform and desire that ALL candidates will begin to talk more about this issue!! Stay tuned for all kinds of pictures and videos from the debate, press filing room and spin room!

Posted by Jo Jensen


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