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Count Us In Keeps Rolling
February 16th 01:52:24 PM

Mark Harris was on "The Edge" today, a Montana radio show hosted by John Stokes.  Mark talked about the Count Us In! Campaign, as well as the ridiculous approach to reform taken by Senator Max Baucus. 

Baucus opposes personal accounts, but he also thinks that we should avoid tax increases or benefit cuts.  It's an approach that reminds me of what President Clinton said: "You can't just attack the other guy's ideas unless you have something to say."  Based on the opinions of the radio show's callers, lots of people are waiting for Baucus to explain how exactly he thinks we ought to reform the system.

In other Count Us In news, Kristina Rasmussen wrote an excellent article for the Business and Media Institute about the inclusion of personal accounts in the 2008 budget.  Here is an excerpt:

"[A] group of dedicated young activists called Students for Saving Social Security has partnered with groups like the National Taxpayers Union and launched a new Web site ( to unite grassroots supporters of personal retirement accounts. They are collecting online petitions in support of the president's proposals and will deliver them to Congress when grassroots pressure in favor of reform is needed most."

Read the entire article here.

Posted by Ryan Lynch


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