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Dartmouth Democratic Debate
September 26th 11:10:59 PM

From MSNBC "Several of the Democrats endorsed payroll tax increases to assure a stable Social Security system. Biden of Delaware and Kucinich, as well as Biden, Dodd, Obama, Edwards all said they would apply the tax to income now exempted. Richardson said he wouldn't and Clinton refused to say. "I'm not putting anything on the proverbial table" unilaterally, she said. Current law levies a 7.65 payroll tax only on an individual's first $97,000 in annual income. Biden also said he was willing to consider gradually raising the retirement age, which is now 67. Kucinich said that while he favors taxing additional income, he wants to return the retirement age to 65, where it stood until the law was changed in 1983."

Posted by Jo Jensen


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