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Social Security question NOT planted! Students really DO care about Social Security reform!
November 15th 12:25:54 PM

On October 16th S4's Jo Jensen had the opportunity to ask Senator Clinton how she plans to fix Social Security for future generations and to let the Senator know that Social Security reform is an issue that today's students care about.

Recently, Senator Clinton's campaign has been accused of planting questions. Specifically, telling college students what to ask. In a blog post from the Nation, one of S4's Social Security questions is wrongfully accused of being planted.

I asked that question, I can tell you that it absolutely was not planted. I showed up for the Salem, NH town hall meeting three hours early to try and get a good seat with other S4 members. When the Senator said that she would take questions, I raised my hand as high as I could, in hopes that she would call on me. Luckily she did and I was able to ask a serious question on an issue that I care deeply about.

For the record, Students for Saving Social Security is comprised of thousands of students around the country that are passionate about Social Security reform. With headquarters both in New Hampshire and DC, our students attend town hall meetings, campaign events and debates looking for any opportunity to talk with the candidates about this important issue.

S4 has asked every presidential candidate where they stand on Social Security reform and has never worked with a campaign to "plant" a question.

Posted by Jo Jensen


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