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What did the Democrats have to say about Social Security?
July 23rd 08:48:57 PM

Unfortunately the question posed in our Ostrich video was not presented to the candidates on the CNN/YouTube Democratic debates. (But it was shown in the beginning videos that were labeled as “too flashy” because it had costumes…)

The candidates did get a few questions on the issue, and here is what they had to say:

Senator Chris Dodd recognized that Social Security is an issue that will surface by the year 2040, and he said that privatization “is a very bad idea.” He would like to consider raising the salary cap.

Senator Barack Obama said he wanted to make sure that we don’t privatize the system and that “Social Security is that floor in which none of us can sink below.”

Lastly, Governor Bill Richardson said: “Stop raiding the Social Security trust fund! Stop talking about privatization!”

We are glad that this important issues was discussed in the debates. Be sure to submit a film at for the Republican Debates September 17th!

Posted by Liz Morgan


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