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Sam Brownback
Senator from Kansas

"I am committed to fighting for comprehensive Social Security reform with large personal investment accounts..."

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S4's Ryan had a chance to interview Senator Brownback when he spoke with the S4 team about Social Security reform on June 14, 2007, in Washington, D.C.:

S4: Senator Brownback, what are your plans for reforming Social Security? Specifically, would you allow some sort of reform that allows choice and ownership in the system, like personal retirement accounts?

Senator Brownback: Yes. Not only yes, absolutely and adamantly. Now, this is something we wouldn't force anybody into, but allow people to have the choice of having personal accounts that they would own. I think it's going to be one of the great freedoms that we can offer people. We can shrink the size of government. We can give your generation a chance to save. And in a system that's your own personal accounts, instead of the surplus being spent by the government, it'll be in personal savings accounts.

Social Security worked very well for my grandparents. It has worked and is working well for my parents. I think it's so-so for my generation and I think it stinks for yours and for my kids. So I want to see them be able to have personal accounts. They can save on their own for their retirement and their future. We put forward a detailed plan of how we would do that. I outlined that at a Club for Growth speech that I've given. We have more information on my website,, and I hope people look at it.

Statements on Reform

  • "Under his plan, people could choose to remain in the old system, but young people would automatically get private retirement accounts as they enter the work force."
    - AP, March 29, 2007
  • "I am committed to fighting for comprehensive Social Security reform with large personal investment accounts and I am honored to earn William Shipman's support."
    - Brownback for President, March 14, 2007
  • "American workers will own their account, control the investment choices, and be able to pass unused funds on to their children. Any American that prefers the existing system and benefits can always choose to remain in the current program. And by freeing up a portion of the payroll tax, while removing Social Security from the federal budget process, we will ensure the Social Security safety net is health and available for all Americans."
    - Brownback press release, September 28, 2004

  • Credit: Club for Growth


S4's first Rock Star Award goes to Senator Brownback! In the Photo: S4's Patrick, Senator Brownback, S4's Ryan and Jo in DC

Evan and Laura with Senator Brownback

Evan and Jo with Brownback at the Fox News Debate Sept. 5, 2007

Fox News Debate

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