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S4 - Ownership. Choice. Personal Accounts.
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SS 220: Social Security and Women

More women than men collect Social Security which means many of the negative consequences of the current system come crashing down hardest on the female gender, but the system also creates other inequities that burden women.

In particular, Social Security penalizes married women who work. For instance, if a working woman earns less than her husband, her retirement income is decided by the “dependant spouses benefit.” Instead of collecting a Social Security benefit from her own contributions, her and her husband receive 1.5 times the benefit earned from only the husband’s income. This means that the woman’s Social Security contributions are ignored. Not only can this result in a financial loss for the woman, but it penalizes her for choosing to pursue a career.

Had the woman been able to open a personal account, she could have owned her retirement savings, and she could also have something to pass onto her children.

    The Basics
SS 101: An Issue for Young Americans
SS 102: The Financial Crisis
SS 103: The Solution through Personal Retirement Accounts
Core Classes
SS 200: SS and Young People
SS 210: SS and Minorities
SS 220: SS and Women
SS 230: SS and Low-Income Earners
SS 240: Personal Accounts and Disability Insurance
Junior Electives
SS 300: The Theory of Ownership
SS 310: The Theory of Choice
SS 350: The Theory of Social Insurance
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