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Social Security Reform Puppet Show

Made by one of the members of Students for Saving Social Security!

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Wake Up Young People
Ryan on Fox
Social Security for future gernerations
James D'Angelo on the YouthView show
James D'Angelo makes the news in Illinois.
McCain on Social Security
Romney on Social Security at Republican Florida Debate
Clinton receives S4 shirt
Ostrich Mobile at the Iowa State Fair
Mike Huckabee on Social Security Reform
Duncan Hunter on Social Security Reform
Senator Clinton talks about SS Reform
Brownback and Social Security
Fred Thompson
Huckabee at the Fox Debate on Social Security reform
Hunter at Iowa Straw Poll
Giuliani Your Money Your Choice
Ron Paul at Fox Debate
Ryan on the Radio
Ryan on the Radio
Congressman Kucinich
Senator Gravel
Senator Dodd
Governor Richardson
5 year old on Social Security
Puppets and Social Security
S4's Ostrich Video for Youtube Debates
AARP is misleading you!
S4's Promo for YouTube Debates
Brownback on Social Security reform
Giuliani on Social Security Reform
McCain and Social Security
Giuliani on Social Security Reform
Romney on Social Security Reform
S4 in Texas!
The S4 Snickers Game
America is Listening: Our Social Security Crisis
S4 July 2006 Hill Event
Evan Dent gives out snickers for Social Security reform
S4 and Freedomworks attend AARP rally
Excerpts from Students for Saving Social Security Forum
Evan Dent gives a tour of the S4 office
Evan Dent in "Stop Ducking the Issue"
S4 Congressional Event in Johnson City, TN
Dr. Larry Kotlikoff at S4 Boston Reform Panel
Max Pappas at S4 Boston Panel
Why Social Security reform is very much alive
Social Security Reform Puppet Show
S4 Ad: Manage your own Conclusions


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